Where Can I Get a Jar of Mo' Honey?

My honey is subject to seasonal availability.  Generally speaking, I harvest "new crop" honey in late June through early August.  It's available almost year round.

My first "real" year of marketing honey was very successful, and I sold out  every year for the first years.  Before I sold it here and there, mostly to friends and acquaintences.  Since that time, I've added more hives, but continue to add markets and customers.

As I move into greater quantities of honey, and pick up a few more swarms, and as people are waking up to the benefits of naturally produced, local honey, I'm seeking new markets to make this product available.

Here are some of the places where you can buy my honey:

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2.  Every Thursday from April through November, you will find me at the Cape Girardeau Farmer's Market located in the parking lot of the Plaza Galleria (across from Health Point, behind the Town Plaza Shopping Center.  For a Map:  **click here** 
                              The market is open from 2:30 pm through 5:30 pm.

3.  Most Saturdays you'll find me at one of several farmer's markets in the area, including the market at the Coop in Marble Hill.  The market operates from 8:00 am until around 11:00 am, from April through October.  E-mail me if you need directions.

4. The Natural Health Organic Food Store in Cape Girardeau,  135 South Broadview, 339-0054  My honey is available year round.  This store is located across the intersection from Applebee's and across the street from Commerce Bank.     For a Map:  **click here**

1.  My house,  located at 3721 N. High Street, in the subdivision of Sunrise Estates.

I'm located on highway 61 about 3 miles North of Jackson, and about 1 mile South of the Fruitland exit #105

You will find a self-serve "honor box" on the honey stand.  "Take your honey and leave your money"

If the honey stand is not out on the driveway, then I'm sold out for the time being.  Map:  **click here**