What do you mean,
"Honey produced the natural way?"

Honey is generally thought to be a natural product.  However, honeybees are susceptible to diseases and tiny parasites called "mites."  The easiest way to beat the mites is through unnatural chemicals and synthetic antibiotics, but what have we done to our honey?

Research scientists have come up with chemicals and pharmaceuticals to medically "fix" the disease and mite problems.  Beekeeping became the epitome of "living better through science."  And these "magic bullet" chemicals worked miracles, at least for a little while.  The bugs developed a resistance, in part, through beekeeper abuse.  Nothing this good lasts forever.

If you have a strong stomach, read about the chemical abuses in China and the honey they sent to Canada that was tainted with forbidden chemicals.  Simply click here for this story:  Tainted Honey.

I don't use chemicals on my bees.  I believe in capturing wild honeybee swarms and utilizing their natural resistance to these problems.  I seek to prevent problems with natural resistance, rather than adding more complications to my operation.

When my bees become ill or show signs of a mite infestation, I will treat the hive naturally with essential oils and organic treatments.  I love my bees to keep them healthy, but I also take pride in my honey.  I want it as natural as the bees have made it, in fact, with the exception of some missing wax, my honey is straight from the bees--no cooking or filtering.

I believe in beekeeping the natural way.  I only treat when I detect problems.  There is no sense in simply treating for the sake of treating.  Prophylactic treatments do nothing but waste money and breed resistant problems. 

My bees are healthy and my honey is fit for human consumption because I refuse to subject my bees to chemicals.  I refuse to build resistant strains of pathogens (remember how Penicillin used to work so well before the germs became resistant?)

What does the academic and university community say about my ideas?  They don't believe me.  They say my bees are lucky.  They say the mites haven't found my bees, yet.  They say I'm living on borrowed time, that sooner or later the bugs will catch me asleep at the switch.  They tell me I have to use chemical treatments or my bees will die, eventually.

But then again, don't the big chemical companies help fund university research?  I use natural means to suppress mite infestations.  I don't believe I have the chemical "fire-power" to kill the mites.  I strive to keep the bees healthy so they have their own immunity to fend off the infestation.  Additionally, I use mechanical means, a ventilated, screen bottom board along with essential oils. 

The biggest, most effective weapon to fighting the mites is raising genetically resistant honeybees.  My bees appear to be mite resistant.  I trap several wild swarms every year and raise new queens from those swarms.  I believe mites can be defeated naturally.

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